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The one with the 2021 goal update

Mojca and Louis give a recap — and an update — on how they're shaping up on their 2021 goals 1/3rd of the way through the year.

The one where Mojca is banned from Facebook

While Louis is steaming ahead with taking SparkLoop upmarket, Mojca has been locked out of Facebook. Which isn't great if you run a Facebook ads agency.

The one with the imposter syndrome

Mojca is dealing with amazing results for her new online store, and battling the feeling that she might not be doing enough hands-on work at her agency. Louis is just ...

The one where they discuss burnout and time management

Both Mojca and Louis are managing two big projects/businesses at the same time. In this episode they discuss how that has been affecting their health and exchange tips...

The one with the surprise location change

As Mojca and Louis settle into 2021, things are beginning to get a bit … chaotic. Louis’ partner at SparkLoop got a baby which leaves Louis overwhelmed with work (but ...

The one with goals for 2021

This week — in an episode recorded in early January 2021 — Louis and Mojca talk about their goals and predictions for what the year 2021 has in store!

The one with the review of 2020

In this episode, Mojca and Louis follow Anne-Laure Le Cunff’s framework to review their 2020 in categories like Work & Business, Health & Fitness, Hobbies & Creativity.

The one where they talk goal setting

The new year is coming and the anticipation of 2021 is building! That’s why Mojca and Louis decide to talk GOALS.

The one with the fight

Hiring, Black Friday stress, haircuts... this episode has it all!

The one with a workshop and a breakthrough

Louis and Mojca both want a frozen margarita. But for very different reasons! Mojca is recovering from the high of a successful, 3-day workshop, while Louis is realisi...

The one where we talk side project marketing

New clients, broken internet, a course delay, and an impromptu brainstorming session about good side project marketing. What more could you want from a podcast episode?

The one where the masterminds discuss masterminds

Gyms closing, masterminds starting, and Mojca juggling new clients with one hand and webinars with the other...

The one where it's difficult to concentrate

With the US elections and another lockdown looming in Slovenia, Mojca is struggling to be productive. We talk about how to come to terms with that, and what - if anyth...

The one where we talk about launching a course

Mojca is determined to launch her Science of Facebook Ads course before the end of the year. Louis is just happy to have another year before he turns 30. We talk about...

The one with the quiz

Mojca tests Louis with three questions from her new Science of Facebook Ads quiz. Meanwhile Louis is struggling to finish creating his free course for SparkLoop.

The one where we talk affiliates and course creation

Mojca is hard at work finishing her course relaunch before the public launch date later this year. Does she have time to run an affiliate program for it - and would af...

The one where ConvertKit invests in SparkLoop

Louis spills the tea about ConvertKit's investment in SparkLoop, and Mojca is struggling to find focus when it comes to creating a Facebook Ads quiz for her upcoming c...

The one where they introduce themselves

We (Mojca and Louis) introduce ourselves, talk about our motivations for starting the podcast, and share what listeners can expect from future episodes.