The one with a workshop and a breakthrough

Louis and Mojca both want a frozen margarita. But for very different reasons! Mojca is recovering from the high of a successful, 3-day workshop, while Louis is realising he might be the main obstacle to the direction he wants to take SparkLoop's content strategy.
The 360 Bootcamp that Mojca co-hosted just finished! It’s been a super exhausting week for her and she spills the tea on organizing the event, how she and her colleagues approached it, and how they knocked it out of the park.

Louis is however struggling with something different — content creation. The vision he has for SparkLoop is to move in the direction of a media company, offering value and education to his users. But with so much on his plate, is this really where he should be spending his time? Or is it time to make a hire?

Mojca and Louis, each with their own struggles. Here’s how they tackle that together.

You can find Mojca and Louis on Twitter at @mojcamars and @louisnicholls_ --> come say hi!