The one where we talk affiliates and course creation

Mojca is hard at work finishing her course relaunch before the public launch date later this year. Does she have time to run an affiliate program for it - and would affiliates be worth it in the first place? Meanwhile, Louis is creating a free course of his own, to help educate SparkLoop customers on how to use the product effectively.
Wondering how Mojca's relaunch of The Science of Facebook Ads is going? In this episode she's talking about finding a good way to engage her audience and prepare them for the relaunch. She's also struggling with determining if running an affiliate program for the course is worth her time.

Meanwhile Louis takes us behind the scenes and talks about the process of creating a free course for SparkLoop. Creating an engaging content is not as easy as opening up a document and start writing. If you really want to make it good, there's a lot more that needs to be done beforehand, starting with research.

Listen to the episode to find out more about how they approach those challenges.

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